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Chiara Gianollo, Agnes Jäger, Doris Penka (eds), 2015. 'Language change at the syntax-semantics interface', Berlin-New York: de Gruyter. Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs 378. Link


Articles and book chapters:

Chiara Gianollo, 2017. Focus-sensitive negation in Latin Catalan Journal of Linguistics 16, 51-77. Open access: [link]
Chiara Gianollo, 2017. Quando le lingue sono parenti. Come si costruisce l’albero genealogico delle lingue. in: Tutto ciò che hai sempre voluto sapere sul linguaggio e sulle lingue, Cesena, Caissa, 2017, pp. 29 - 32
Chiara Gianollo, 2016. The Latin system of negation at the syntax-semantics interface. Rivista di Grammatica Generativa 38, 115-135. Open access: [link]
Chiara Gianollo, 2016. Aspetti grammaticali delle traduzioni bibliche e il loro ruolo nella didattica della lingue classiche. Latina didaxis XXXI. Atti del Congresso. Genova, Ledizioni, «PUBBLICAZIONI DEL D.AR.FI.CL.ET.», 2016, 59-90
Chiara Gianollo, 2016. Aliquis tra latino e romanzo. In Actes du XXVIIe Congrès international de linguistique et de philologie romanes (Nancy, 15-20 juillet 2013), Strasbourg, ÉLiPhi - Éditions de Linguistique et de Philologie, «BIBLIOTHÈQUE DE LINGUISTIQUE ROMANE», 2016, 14, pp. 279 - 290. Electronic version in Michèle Fruyt, Gerd Haverling, Rosanna Sornicola (eds.), Actes du XXVIIe Congrès international de linguistique et de philologie romanes (Nancy, 15-20 juillet 2013). Section 2: Linguistique latine/linguistique romane. Nancy: ATILF. Open access: [link]
Chiara Gianollo, 2016. Negation and indefinites in Late Latin, Pallas 102, 277 - 286. Open access: [link]
Chiara Gianollo, Agnes Jäger, Doris Penka (eds), 2015. Language change at the syntax-semantics interface. Perspectives and challenges. In Chiara Gianollo, Agnes Jäger, Doris Penka (eds), 2015. 'Language change at the syntax-semantics interface', Berlin-New York: de Gruyter, 1-32.
Chiara Gianollo, 2014. 'Labile verbs in Late Latin', Linguistics 52.4, 945-1002. DOI
Chiara Gianollo, 2014. 'Competing constructions for inalienable possession in the Vulgate Gospels: translator’s choices and grammatical constraints', Journal of Latin Linguistics 13.1, 93-114. DOI
Chiara Gianollo & Nikolaos Lavidas, 2014. 'Greek cognate datives: from modification to focus', in G. Kotzoglou et al. (eds), Selected Papers from the 11th International Conference on Greek Linguistics. Rhodes: University of the Aegean, 488-500. Open access: [pdf]
Chiara Gianollo, 2013. 'Latin aliquis as an epistemic indefinite', in S. Chiriacescu (ed.), Proceedings of the VI Nereus International Workshop 'Theoretical implications at the syntax/semantics interface in Romance'. Arbeitspapier 127. Fachbereich Sprachwissenschaft, Universität Konstanz 2013, 55-81. Open access: [pdf]
Chiara Gianollo & Nikolaos Lavidas, 2013. 'Cognate Adverbials and Case in the History of Greek', in Studies in Greek Linguistics 33, 61-75. Open access: [pdf]
Chiara Gianollo, 2012. 'Prepositional Genitives in Romance and the Issue of Parallel Development', in C. Galves, S. Cyrino, R. Lopes, F. Sandalo, and J. Avelar (eds), Parameter Theory and Linguistic Change. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 281-303. Available since 2013 in Oxford Scholarship Online, DOI
Chiara Gianollo, 2011. 'Native syntax and translation effects. Adnominal arguments in the Greek and Latin New Testament', in E. Welo (ed.), Indo-European Syntax and Pragmatics: contrastive approaches. Oslo Studies in Language 3.3, 75-101. Open access: [pdf]
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C. Gianollo, 2007. ‘The Internal Syntax of the Nominal Phrase in Latin. A Diachronic Study’, in G. Purnelle, G. and J. Denooz (eds), Ordre et cohérence en Latin / Word Order and Text Cohesion in Latin, Publications de la Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres de l’Université de Liège, Librairie Droz, 65-80. Pre-print draft: [pdf]
P. Crisma & C. Gianollo, 2006. ‘Where did Romance N-raising come from? A parallel study of parameter resetting in Latin and English’, in J. Doetjes & P. González (eds), Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory. Selected Papers from ‘Going Romance’ 2004, Amsterdam: Benjamins, 71-93.
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Reviews and review articles:

C. Gianollo, 2016. Review of Anne Breitbarth, The history of Low German Negation, Beiträge zur Geschichte der deutschen Sprache und Literatur (PBB) 138, 107 - 116 [DOI]
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C. Gianollo, 2004. ‘La variazione sintattica e il mutamento: DIGS VIII’, for the Società Italiana di Glottologia, [pdf].